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  • Peter Bugaj

ARKitchen App is Live in IOS Store!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Designing a kitchen is always a long process. First you have to visit a department store far away and book an appointment which might or might not be convenient for you. As you describe your future kitchen to the customer service support, you are limited to the old sand bulky software that they are using, which might not be perfectly aligned with your imagination. Plus once the design is done, it stays with store. You can not take the design elsewhere to negotiate for a lower price, after all it would be against the store's own business interest.

We thought why not design an application that would eliminate all of that - why not develop an application that makes it easy and convenient for anyone to design their kitchen from anywhere? Even better if the application could save their design directly on the phone, so that they can share it publicly with others and get feedback and recommendations, and share with a contractor that offers the best price.

And then ARKitchen was born.

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